We exist as a community-based, not-for-profit service under Signature Support Services to meet the individual needs and choices of persons with disabilities.


We strive to lead the way in enriching the lives of persons with developmental disabilities by being the beverage container recycling provider of choice in Grande Prairie.


Plus I and Plus II Bottle Depots are a beverage container recycling company in Grande Prairie, Alberta. We buy beverage containers that have been registered with the BCMB by refunding the deposit paid by purchasers in retail locations around Alberta.

We are committed to providing the best service possible through state-of-the-art depots, seasoned personnel and an interest in innovation and new technologies. On our busiest days, our depots serve more than 450 customers! Historically, we process over 45 million containers per year.


Our PLUS I and II Depots are the bottle depots of choice for most Grande Prairie residents. Plus II was the first depot in North America to use automated counting technology, allowing us to process a large number of containers quickly and efficiently-reducing the amount of time it takes to serve you, our valued customers. In 2019, Plus I moved to a much larger building and also started using automated counting technology!

Both depots feature lots of parking stalls (including designated handicap stalls), a large foyer, sorting stations and friendly staff – all the necessary ingredients for superior customer service.

Both depots can also handle our commercial clients and our fundraising programs (such as bottle drives).


Signature Support Services purchased its first bottle depot in 1980 as an initiative to provide employment opportunities for individuals with developmental disabilities.

As the city of Grande Prairie continued to grow, so did its recycling needs. In 2004, we applied for and were granted a license to operate a second bottle depot. It took us nearly two years to site and develop the new depot, but the time and hassle were well worth it. When we finally opened our second depot, we were able to proudly unveil a state-of-the-art facility.

Our PLUS II Depot continues to pave the way for the recycling industry and is the first depot in North America to implement automated sorting and counting technology in its front and back-end operations.


We are proud members of the Grande Prairie community and are dedicated to doing all we can to give back. Each year, hundreds of thousands of dollars from deposit refunds at Plus I and II go back into the Grande Prairie community.

This is accomplished through a combination of community bottle drives, donations from our customers to Signature Support Services and our Bottle Donation Program in partnership with Aquatera that donates to other non-profits in our community. We would like to extend a big thank you to our customers for helping us continue to make a difference through these initiatives


Our PLUS I and PLUS II Depots provide employment opportunities to individuals with developmental disabilities through our two bottle depots.

Both depots feature lots of parking stalls (including designated handicap stalls), a large foyer, sorting stations and friendly staff – all the necessary ingredients for superior customer service.


Every month, Recycle Plus partners with Aquatera to raise funds through bottle donations for a deserving charity.

Those interested in contributing can find donation bins at the Eco-Centre (located next to the PLUS I Depot) and at the Aquatera Landfill just south of Grande Prairie. You can also make donations directly at our depots.


Cans For Kids

The Alberta Cans for Kids program connects depots to their communities through fundraising initiatives that make a difference in a tangible way. This is an initiative supported by a network of bottle depots located throughout the province.

This program has raised in excess of $1,000,000.00 since its inception and has supported programs at the Stollery Children’s Hospital in Edmonton and the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary. The present recipient is the Ronald McDonald House.

Donations to Cans for Kids can be made via the donation bins at both our PLUS I and PLUS II depots.